Keep your head down

Stanage edge millstones
Millstone Grit at Stanage Edge, Derbyshire.

2nd week in April and an opportunity to look for the increasingly rare Ring Ouzel. Blue sky, sunshine and barely a breeze surely a reasonable chance of spotting an early arrival. Unfortunately I’d overlooked the fact that the entire rock climbing community of Sheffield and Manchester had also descended upon Stanage Edge.

 Red Grouse at Stanage Edge
Hidden away amongst the heather and moss a Red Grouse.
 Red Grouse - keep your head down
Unfortunately for the Grouse the red eyebrows are unmissable.
 Red Grouse amongst the heather at Stanage Edge
This one really needs to learn to be a bit more wary. On this occasion it survived sticking its head above the heather. Next time it might not be so lucky.
 Who ewe looking at?
 Who ewe looking at?