Inner Farne


Puffin waiting for the arrival of her mate on Inner Farne


Following on from the visit to Staple Island we arrived at Inner Farne surprisingly quickly with the boat taking the direct route across Staple sound. Slightly disappointing that we didn’t go around the island before arriving however can’t really complain after the amazing close up views of the bird covered sea stacks at Staple Island.


Arctic Gull complete with fishy offering for his partner


Attack, attack, attack


Upon arrival the route took us away from the jetty and up the slope towards St Cuthberts chapel. As we rounded the corner the Arctic Terns launched their first wave of attack. The sound and ferocity has to be experienced to be believed. If you leave your head unprotected they can draw blood. Even through a cap the bite can be clearly felt. Nesting both on and right against the boardwalk the behaviour is a highly effective deterrent against potential predators.

Despite the obvious disturbance to the tern colony visitors help to deter the larger gulls from predating the eggs and young birds a strategy also adopted by several other species.

Great to be able to enjoy superb close up views of the various seabirds. Whilst lacking the variety and spectacular views that Staple Island has to offer the experience of walking through Inner Farne’s Arctic Tern colony is difficult to beat.


Female Razorbill sitting on eggs.


Who’s the Daddy! Male Eider marching over for egg warming duties.


4pm and we climbed aboard MV Glad Tidings and headed back through the rafts of Puffins and Guillemots toward Seahouses. An amazing and highly recommended day out. We’ll be back.

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