The Hungry Hog

Hedgehog feeding on mealworms
With the evenings drawing in great to see the return of Spike. In all probability its unlikely he’s ever been away.
Certainly hasn’t forgotten the taste of mealworms. After demolishing a bagful in less than a week we splashed out on a 2kg bag via Amazon and Maltby’s Mealworms. 2kg is a lot of mealworms, think about 3 large breakfast cereal boxes full. Really is a serious amount of mealworms. Hope he’s got a few hungry relatives living nearby.
Hedgehog looking for mealworms in garden Hedgehog
 Looking for mealworms hidden amongst the grass.  Normally 1 handful a night results in a happy Hog
Hedgehog feeding off mealworms in garden
Since first appearing last Autumn Spike appears to have found a few unwelcome hangers on. Note the Hedgehog ticks above his eye. Supposedly just a few is relatively harmless as they’ll drop off when fully fed. Hopefully they’ll die when the weather turns colder and Spike decides to hibernate.

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