The Woodley Waxwing

Bohemian Waxwing
Great to see the arrival of the Bohemian Waxwings on the outskirts of Stockport. Over the past couple of months they’ve gradually been working their way south since arriving up in the north east from the vast coniferous forests of northern Russia and Finland. Although so far not quite as many have made their way south as during the winter of 2012/13 an early one arrived with a group of Redwings in Woodley.
Red "sealing wax" tips to the Waxwing's secondary feathers
The red “sealing wax” tips to the Waxwing’s secondary feathers can just about be made out on the above photo. I quite admire the Victorians common sense approach to the naming of birds.
Redwing - another well named visitor from the far north.
Redwing – another well named visitor from the far north.

Male Blackbird watching his berry crop disappear. Mistle Thrush
A concerned local watching his berry crop disappear. The Mistle Thrush wasn’t impressed either.
Fieldfare Fieldfare - noticeably more wary than the Redwings and Waxwing.
A Fieldfare – another visitor from the north. Noticeably more wary than the Redwings and Waxwing.
 Rowan berries being enjoyed by a Redwing.
Rowan berries – by far the favourite crop. Fortunately widely planted with this tree one of a group growing on a street corner.
Mistletoe growing on a Rowan outside a petrol station
The unusual sight of Mistletoe growing on a Rowan. Located at the entrance to a petrol station difficult to imagine its been planted deliberately into the bark of the tree. More likely is that one of the local thrushes has wiped the sticky Mistletoe seed into a crack or crevice. Perhaps unsurprisingly no sign of any Mistletoe berries this year.

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