Tufty’s last stand?

Red Squirrel in the pine woods at Formby, Lancashire.
A glorious spring day and an opportunity to head off to the coast before the masses arrived. On arrival at Formby it was surprising to see half the car park taped off and being used for filming. After parking up we headed south towards the Asparagus Farm. Didn’t really expect to see much however its one of the areas of Formby I’m not too familiar with and there’s always a chance of a Sand Lizard.

On this occasion plenty of Stonechats, Meadow Pipits and soaring high over the fields Buzzards. Remarkable to see the sheer number of Rabbits grazing the closely cropped grass very reminiscent of the Brecks (a reminder to self – a return visit is long overdue). After an enjoyable walk we headed back via the pine woods just off Victoria Road.

An inquisitive Red Squirrel at Formby.
Good to see the number of Red Squirrels slowly recovering with at least 5 running around the tree tops and across the woodland floor. Although far fewer in number than before the 2008 outbreak of Squirrel Pox the population now appears relatively stable. Thankfully the National Trust have stopped selling bags of squirrel food so the squirrels are relatively safe from the attentions of Amelia and Oliver.
Tufty's last stand?
Hard to imagine that Red Squirrels were once common across England. Latest information on their ongoing fight for survival available at Lancashire Wildlife Trust

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