Eastern Promise

 A beautiful day in early May complete with stunning scenery, blue sky, sunshine and a bike ride following the River Dunsop upstream from Dunsop Bridge to Whitendale.

By a complete coincidence one of western Europe’s rarest migrating birds just happened to drop in at the former location of a pair of  Eagle Owls last seen several years ago. Normally a summer migrant arriving from Africa to Russia and the Ukraine a Pallid Harrier had turned up in the Forest of Bowland. With Bowland being a blackspot for illegal persecution the opportunity to see a Pallid Harrier before it was blown out of the sky was too good to miss.

DSC_3544 DSC_3431
DSC_3480 DSC_3471
DSC_3470 DSC_3477
A superb bird and a real pleasure to watch it.

On this occasion with the bird spending most of its time well out of range a 420mm lens just wasn’t long enough. However, the memory and a few record shots of a male Pallid Harrier nest building and hunting Meadow Pipits was more than sufficient……The bike ride wasn’t too shabby either !

Terry Pickford’s superb footage taken in the Forest of Bowland in May 2017.

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