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Sand Lizard in heather at Shipstal Point, Arne
Can you see me – a superb male Sand Lizard at Shipstal Point, Arne.
Sand Lizard, Shipstal Point, Arne
The cryptic colouring is surprisingly effective especially amongst the heather growth that dominates the Arne peninsula. Probably just as well with the dissection of Kestrel pellets proving the local Kestrels are a major predator. In addition, at Arne the Sand Lizards are also predated by Britain’s rarest reptile the Smooth Snake.
Green Woodpecker, Arne
The frequently heard and occasionally seen Green Woodpecker.
Sika Deer hurdling a fenceline at Middlebere Farm
Sika Deer hurdling a fenceline at Middlebere Farm. The grass definitely was greener on the other side.
Barn Owl, Middlebere Farm.
Barn Owl, Middlebere Farm.

On this occasion the owl flew across close in and directly in front of us. Taken with a 50mm lens the photograph above shows approximately the same magnification and field of view as we enjoyed from the National Trust’s Middlebere Farm.

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