Brock at Old Henley Farm
Highlights from a visit to Old Henley Farm in deepest Dorset.  One of up to twelve of the Badgers that can be regularly seen.
Badgering about
Originally we’d planned on visiting a sett hidden away in the Purbeck Hills. Unfortunately an early afternoon visit revealed that it had been filled in. Undoubtedly an early victim of the ill thought out Badger cull. Whilst not really wanting to jump to conclusions it was difficult to dismiss the fact that the sett was adjacent to a field of cattle.
Little and large aah Nescafe
After a fantastic hour at Old Henley Farm the evening twilight rapidly descended into darkness. The thought of disturbing these fantastic creatures with a camera flash didn’t appeal and photography became impossible.A couple of videos taken with the compact camera before the light completely went.

Video 1 approx 30 seconds
Video 2 approx 60 seconds

Even the walk back to the car was really good with a Barn Owl screeching away from the top of a fencepost and several more Badgers looking bewildered at a couple of humans wandering about trying to remember where the car was parked.

And finally best of all a humiliating climbdown for the ignorant buffoons who proposed the cull.

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