Let Sleeping Fox lie

I’ll be the first to admit I wouldn’t have found this particular fox in a million years. Hidden away between some tree trunks felled a long time ago this was one of Muttley’s discoveries. Over the past week the local Foxes have been extremely active. A quick look back through the excellent RODIS online reporting system reveals I’ve recorded 12 sightings at 3 different locations.  I haven’t included this particular specimen for the simple reason of it being dead.
Hedgehog searching for a mid-winter feast Wild Hog
Mid January, –3C and the ground as hard as rock not really the conditions to be wandering around looking for earthworms. Considering this little Hog should have been hibernating he appeared to be quite lively – especially when he found himself staring down the lens of a mobile phone. After the previous photo of the fox I thought I’d better include a couple of ones of the Hedgehog just to prove he’s alive.
Redwing on Cotoneaster at Heaton Moor
Several recent reports of Waxwings descending upon Stockport so I decided upon a slight detour up the M60 whilst on the way back from Altrincham.  Having already seen them at Knutsford and Wythenshawe I wasn’t really too bothered however with a flock of Waxwings there’s always a chance of Fieldfares and Redwings (both of which have been in short supply this winter) or perhaps a Sparrowhawk.
Redwing eating a Cotoneaster berry
Fortunately on this occasion the Waxwings were joined by a couple of Redwings.

Waxwing eating a Cotoneaster berry at Heaton Moor
There’s something almost magical about Waxwings. Whether its the constant trilling noise or the sudden descent and feeding frenzy as a flock of colourful birds complete with quiffs strip a tree clean of berries.

On this occasion the location was superb with plenty of cover available. Just a shame it was such a dark, overcast day. 

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