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Ian and Jake

Ian and Jake at Creech Heath, Dorset - September 2010

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  1. Gillian Oakes

    Wonderful photos. Over the last three years I have been trying to photograph as many different British orchids as I can. So far I haven’t tracked down the broad leaved helleborine and was delighted to see your photos of them in Kenworthy Woods which is only a few miles from where I live. We have made a couple of unsuccessful attempts to find them. We contacted the Mersey Valley Rangers who e-mailed a map to us marking where there are some BLH but this is in the middle of an area that is very difficult to get to and we couldn’t find any BLH. Obviously the plants that you found we’re very much more accessible as you say the grass had been mown and in the area that we were directed it would have been an impossibility. I was wondering if could possibly give us a bit of help in locating the plants. Many thanks Gillian Oakes

    • admin Post author

      Hi Gillian sorry about the delay in getting back to you. Broad leaved Helleborines are easiest to find in June or July but in some years the wardens/Mcr council mow them out. I did send them a map of the more vulnerable ones in an effort to protect them but the message doesn’t seem to be passed on. The easiest group to find are usually next to the concrete slipway on the far side (next to the river) of the waterpark.


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