Blues, Bladderworts and Hawkers

A male Silver Studded Blue at Morden Bog, Dorset one of several seen around the heathland. Normally hyperactive and difficult to approach on this occasion a large cloud drifted across the sun resulting in this one taking a rest.
Great to see the carnivorous Lesser Bladderwort in flower across many of the bogs pools.
Another blue butterfly with this one being the far more common Holly Blue. Unusual in that the larvae feed on Holly during the Spring with the later generations preferring Ivy and Bramble.
A male Southern Hawker spotted at Alner’s Gorse.

Plenty of Purple Hairstreaks and Silver-washed Fritillaries as well. I had been hoping for a White-letter Hairstreak but they just wouldn’t come down from the Wych Elms. No sign of any Brown Hairstreaks possibly due to several pairs of Marsh Tits that have taken up residence close by. On this occasion the highlight was a short burst of song by a Nightingale skulking somewhere amongst the shadows.