Ramble On

Musk Thistle, West Hill – Corfe Castle

A few highlights from rambling around the chalk and limestone downs of the Isle of Purbeck with Jake. A large camera, long lens and a Border Collie bouncing around on the end of a lead has never been a good idea. The majority of the photo’s were taken with the trusty, pocket-sized Panasonic LX5.

Glow worm larvae, Worth Matravers

Found wandering along the footpath leading down to Winspit Quarry. At night the larvae emits a faint blue-green, bioluminescent glow from the tips of the abdomenial segments.  A surprisingly quick mover especially as it feeds almost exclusively on snails.

Pale Flax, Langton Matravers

Unfortunately restricted to chalk and limestone downs.

P1090571 P1090340
Possibly an oil beetle larvae – suggestions welcome. Sea Campion at Durlston Country Park.
P1090339 DSC_4914
Thrift, at Durlston Country Park. Painted Lady resting after its flight north..
Wild Cabbage, note the tough leathery leaves. Even the Cabbage Whites leave them alone.