Return to Ebbor Gorge

An almost magical area of ancient woodland. Perhaps also unsurprisingly its also a National Nature Reserve. The walk and scramble up through the gorge is superb with the high limestone rock faces and caves giving the woodland an ethereal quality. Unfortunately the rain cut short our visit but its definitely well worth another visit next time we’re in Somerset.

Harts Tongue Fern
Harts Tongue Fern.

Probably the most plentiful fern in the damp woodland. Also the closest I’m ever likely to get to the tongue of a fully mature Red Deer Stag or Hart. Ebbor Gorge could however easily rival Mirkwood Forest that other well home to Harts and the occasional Hobbit.

Bluebells growing amongst the upper woodland slopes.
Maiden Hair Fern
Maiden Hair Fern or more correctly Maiden Hair Spleenwort close to the car park.
Yellow Archangel
Yellow Archangel

One of the characteristic plants of ancient woodland. The variegated form is a popular garden plant tolerant of dry, shady conditions. Although tough as old boots it doesn’t really compare to the spectacular carpet created by the Yellow Archangel.

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