Crabbing at Kimmeridge

Over the years we’ve been fortunate to visit Kimmeridge Bay marine nature reserve on several occasions. Despite the reef being a stronghold for Spider crabs so far we hadn’t seen any.

On this occasion inspired by a group of children crabbing from the end of Swanage Pier we came prepared with a small bag filled with a chunk of dried Mackerel on the end of a piece of strong. If this didn’t tempt them out nothing would…….

Spider Crab tempted out of cover by a chunk of Mackerel.
Success – Spider crab tempted out of cover with a smelly chunk of dried Mackerel.

After 10 minutes it became clear that it was far more wary than its more common relatives. so it was time to jump in for a closer look.

No Spider crabs were harmed during the production off this film. This one was carefully returned to the rock it had crawled out from under the sea.

Spider Crab
Incredible disguise – all carefully planted by the crab.
Yellow Horned Sea Poppy 
And for something completely different the Yellow Horned Sea Poppy. A real specialist of shingle beaches.

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