Autumn Glory

Some of the more uncommon plants to be found in bloom in Dorset during September.

Dorset Heath
Dorset HeathNative to the bogs and wet heaths of Dorset, Devon and Cornwall this one was found flowering on Coombe Heath. Unfortunately like most of the heathland specialists historically its suffered a massive decline due to habitat destruction. In more recent times as the remaining heaths have received protection the population has stabilised.
Autumn Lady's Tresses
Autumn Lady’s Tresses at Durlston. Surprisingly few of these tiny orchids around this year. Presumably the shortage is due to the cold winter and late spring restricting the plants growth.
Autumn Lady's Tresses
Close up of the tiny orchid’s flowers.The lip (the lower petal of an orchid) can just about be seen. Typically used by the flower to provide a ‘landing platform’ for its pollinator.
Bryony berries
Black Bryony berries
Nettle leaved Bellflower
The rare Nettle leaved Bellflower at East Creech.

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