Spring tide rising….

Little Egret waiting for the tide
like ages since we watched a decent high tide come rolling in. February’s spring tide in Southport was too good an opportunity to miss.
Lapwings fleeing the oncoming tide
Peewits – the first of the waders to flee the oncoming tide.
One of the dozens of flocks of Knots wheeling across the sky in their thousands. Whilst the murmuration of Starlings is well known I’ve always found the tight formation flying of Knots more spectacular.
Getting closer
Even better, as the tide rolls in and covers more of the marsh the Knots are pushed even closer.
A change of direction and they've changed colour
quick change of direction and the flock changes colour
Oystercatchers on a grassy island
the less wary Oystercatchers gather on one of the few remaining islands of grass.
Oystercatchers taking flight
Eventually the Oystercatchers are forced to flee and the Wigeon move in.

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