Corfe Castle


Marbled White  nectaring on Greater Knapweed

Marbled White  nectaring on Greater Knapweed in the early morning sunshine at Corfe Castle. Surprising to see them on the wing at 7am. Unfortunately by mid-day they’re so active its difficult to approach them with a camera.

Musk Thistle
Musk Thistle covered in early morning dew in the “encampment” field at Corfe Castle. Also found along the Purbeck ridge to at least as far as East Creech. Unmistakeable with the characteristic shocking pink flower held at 90 degrees to the main stem. Can’t recall seeing these up north.
Marbled White Comma
Marbled White viewed from above A Comma complete with it’s white under wing comma symbol.
Harebells at Corfe Castle Musk Thistle
Harebells at Corfe Castle Musk Thistle further along the Purbecks at Church Knowle.
The Plague Surgeon

The local surgeon. Not sure I’d want to meet him on a dark night staggering back from the Greyhound. Superb re-creation of the typical outfit worn whilst treating victims of the plague.

Plenty of other wildlife around including Barn Owls and Roe Deer at dusk, Badgers during the night and Foxes, Dartford Warblers, Green Woodpeckers, Stonechats, Skylarks and Yellowhammers in the early morning’s.

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