Autumn – but not as we know it.

Nuthatch at Leighton Moss.
Nuthatch at Leighton Moss.
Blue Tit taking advantage of the remaining blackberries
Blue Tit taking advantage of the remaining blackberries. At first I assumed it was after the grubs that tend to live within the berries however after watching it more closely it became clear it was plucking the individual drupelets off each berry. The grubs will be a tasty treat for an unsuspecting human.
Robin enjoying the warm afternoon sunshine Robin preening and sunbathing
A Robin enjoying the warm afternoon sunshine – one of those idyllic early autumn days. Almost looks a bit sheepish after being caught preening and sunbathing.
Hoverfly on flowering Ivy Worn Peacock Butterfly on Ivy
Still plenty of insects taking advantage of the Ivy just coming into flower. Even a few worn Peacocks and Speckled Woods enjoying the early Autumn sunshine.
Emperor Dragonfly (male)
Still several Emperor Dragonflies around including a pair mating.
View from Lilian’s Hide Freshwater Mussels left high and dry outside the Grisedale Hide
View from Lilian’s Hide – the lack of water the 1st step in an attempt by the RSPB to encourage  the return of breeding Bitterns. Plenty of waders enjoying the newly exposed mud. At the Grisedale Hide a similar situation with the Freshwater Mussels left high and dry. It could be a few years before the reedbeds are re-flooded.
I was hoping to take a few half decent photo’s of the Little Stints, Pectoral Sandpiper and Great White Egrets however the shimmering haze and distance to the edge of the remaining water put paid to that idea. Still seemed a bit weird watching Godwits, Stints, Sandpipers, Redshanks, Greenshanks and Great White Egrets from Lilian’s Hide instead of out on the saltmarsh pools.

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