A chill wind that blew some good ..

Pink Footed Geese
A few photos from a November visit to Martin Mere.

The most familiar of the winter migrants to the mere – Pink footed Geese preparing for landing.
Common Buzzard

One of the local Buzzards keeping watch for any stragglers or injured birds
Buzzards enjoying an easy meal
Eventually the Buzzards find a weak bird and take advantage of an easy meal. As per usual they’re about half a mile away so apologies for the grainy shot taken through the telescope.
Northern Lapwing Ruff
One of several hundred Lapwings. Great to see the whole flock up later on in the day wheeling and diving to avoid a young Peregrine. Another winter visitor a male Ruff.
A sleeping Tawny Owl Tawny Owl
Hidden high up amongst the branches a sleeping Tawny Owl Superb streaky, cryptic plumage.

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