Frozen Meres – Part 3

Pintail negotiating the ice at Martin Mere
Pintail negotiating the ice at Martin Mere.  Another day in February’s tour of the frozen meres of  Lancashire and Cheshire. I was hoping that being relatively close to the coast Martin Mere would be relatively ice free. 
Song Thrush watching, listening and waiting for a fresh molehill to appear.
Unusually the highlight was the walk through the woodland edge down to the Ron Barker Hide. With few visitors the normal stampede was missing allowing a great opportunity to watch one of the local Song Thrushes hopping between the molehills stopping, listening and waiting as fresh mounds magically appeared. 
Redwing On the lookout for a tasty morsel
Joining the Song Thrush one of its close relatives the Redwing. Far more wary the slightly smaller Redwing was also on the lookout for the appearance of a tasty morsel
Tree Sparrow
Tree Sparrow – one of Martin Mere’s specialities.
Tawny Owl hidden in the deep shade of an Ivy covered tree

One of a pair of Tawny Owls in one of its more frequently used daytime roosts.  

 Shelduck amongst the chaos and feeding frenzy at Martin Mere
Common Shelduck amongst the chaos and feeding frenzy at Martin Mere. I usually tend to give feeding time a miss however on an otherwise quiet day and with a new  teleconverter to try out it was too good an opportunity to miss.
Whooper Swan
Whooper Swan brushing the Mallards aside.

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