Something brewing

Welcome to the Ribble Estuary National Nature Reserve
The Ribble Estuary NNR just under 10 miles south of Blackpool Tower and home to over quarter of a million waders and wildfowl during the winter. On Saturday 21st Feb the highest tide of the year came rolling in.
Oh, I do like to be by the seaside .....
There may be trouble ahead
Typical, you really couldn’t make it up. A line of heavy showers appears on the horizon heading in  our direction.
Wigeon descending upon the rapidly flooding marsh Black-tailed Godwits
As the tide begins to cover the marsh thousands of Wigeon descend from the RSPB reserve at Marshside a short flight across the road. Followed closely by Black-tailed Godwits and Teal.
Knots wheeling through the sky above the flooded marsh
Meanwhile out on the marsh the Knots are on the move, the Great White Egret has flown and the weather is beginning to look ominous.
A mesmerising flock of Knots performing their try not to be eaten routine
An incredible spectacle. Thousands of Knots against a rapidly darkening sky with a male Merlin on the lookout for an easy meal.
20 minutes later the weather began to clear
20 minutes later the weather began to clear
Oystercatchers returning to the marsh. He's behind you!
Oystercatchers returning to the marsh. Lapwings circling looking for somewhere safe to land.

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