Butterflies from the Woodland edge

Peacock Butterfly, Kenworthy Wood.
Peacock Butterfly on the freshly opened Cherry blossom at the edge of the Orchard in Kenworthy Wood. Also several Small Tortoiseshells and a Brimstone.  Great to see the warm sunshine has brought out many of the local butterflies.
A male Orange Tip Butterfly feeding on a Dandelion, Kenworthy Wood
A male Orange Tip on a fresh Dandelion around the back of the wood. Normally they tend to favour the Garlic Mustard and Cuckoo flower but it’ll probably be another couple of weeks before these flower.
Male Orange Tip Butterfly taking a rest from patrolling the woodland edge. Female Orange Tip Butterfly
Taking a rest from patrolling the woodland edge from other male Orange Tips. A female Orange Tip again nectaring on Dandelions
A freshly emerged Comma enjoying the early morning sunshine
The first Comma of the year freshly emerged from its winter hibernation.

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