Blackcaps and Bluebells

Blackcap (female) in a Wild Cherry at Chorlton Ees
The majority of the local Blackcaps appear to have paired up and the nesting season has begun
Blackcap collecting nesting material Yet more dried grass being gathered from the base of an Elder.
Female Blackcap gathering dried grass from below an old, gnarled Elder tree at Chorlton Ees. Yet more grass being gathered. The male was fairly close by fly-catching from the top of the Cherry. I’m sure he’ll help later.
Bluebells at Marbury Country Park
Plenty of Bluebells out at the moment. Most of the local ones tend to be either the Spanish (a garden escapee) or the hybrid. Fortunately down at Marbury the true English Bluebell is flourishing with no signs of the foreign invader.
Despite the overnight showers still looking good
Hard to beat a carpet of English Bluebells below the fresh green leaves of a woodland in early May. A superb sight.
One of the local Grey Herons. Great to see him in the river rather than fishing in the garden pond
Hmm… we’ve seen a lot of this particular Heron recently. Unfortunately his early morning flight path takes him straight over the garden pond and with hungry mouths to feed he’s dropped in on several occasions. Fortunately the net is doing its job leaving the Heron to fish on the nearby River Mersey.
The female Grey Heron waiting for the return of her mate further downstream at the Heronry
Back at the nest his partner continues to wait for his return.

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