Warbler and Weasel

Reed Warbler at Chorlton Water Park
Returning this year on the 21st April the continuous chattering song of the Reed Warbler is one of the more distinctive bird songs found around Chorlton Water Park.
Reed Warbler singing from within the reedbed
Whilst the song is instantly recognizable trying to get a clear view of one is a bit more difficult. Reeds and other dense foliage is a nightmare for the camera’s autofocus therefore its back to manual focus.
Reed Warbler singing from a Willow at the edge of the lake
Hopefully this year the nest won’t be predated by the local Mink.
Male Reed Bunting on the former Barlow Tip.
Male Reed Bunting on the former Barlow Tip.
Male Orange Tip on the banks of the Mersey
Still plenty of male Orange Tips around in between the showers with this particular one found patrolling the riverbank.
Female Orange Tip Small Tortoiseshell
Female Orange Tip Small Tortoiseshell
The formerly extinct Alder Leaf Beetle on Barlow Tip
Alder Leaf Beetle on Barlow Tip. With no recorded sightings between 1946 and 2003 this beetle was considered extinct in the UK. However in 2004 larvae and adults were found in Manchester and it’s now spreading across north-west England. The beetle appears to have favourite trees with adjacent ones being completely unaffected.
 Weasel in Kenworthy Wood
A freshly killed Weasel in Kenworthy Wood it’s back covered in small, puncture wounds suggesting it had probably been killed by another Weasel. Unfortunately individuals have a very low tolerance of each other and frequently fight to the death.

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