Bernwood Meadows

Green winged Orchids and Meadow Buttercups at Bernwood Meadow
A spectacular display of Green winged Orchids and Meadow Buttercups in the traditionally managed Bernwood Meadows, Oxfordshire. Also 3 Cuckoos calling from the adjacent woodland.
The standard purple form of the rare Green winged Orchid With the green veins running through the wings unlikely to be confused with any other Orchid
The “standard” purple form of the Green winged Orchid. Great to see that for once the Victorians chose an appropriate name.
A slightly paler form with strongly marked wings The short, almost stunted white form.
Surprisingly variable in both colour and height With the white form being the shortest
Also available in bicolours. Another species restricted to damp meadows - the day flying Forester Moth.
A particularly attractive bi-coloured form. The iridescent, day flying Forester Moth
A Small Copper, one of many Butterflies. Unfortunately too early for the more uncommon Hairstreaks.
The far more common Small Copper. Also plenty of Common Blues enjoying the late Spring sunshine
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