The Watlington Pigeon

Red Kite, Watlington
Typical, whilst we have Feral Pigeons scavenging the streets of Manchester David Cameron and the other residents of Oxfordshire have to endure Red Kites. Perhaps at some point in the not too distant future the Welsh, Cumbrian and Yorkshire Kites will meet up over Manchester.
Juvenile Red Kite at White Mark Farm, Watlington
Stunning birds and a real pleasure to be able to enjoy close up views as they drifted across on the thermals from Watlington Hill.
Enjoying a quick bite.
Normally up to 30 birds in the air at any one time with this one enjoying a piece of chicken from the local Co-op!
A supreme scavenger on the look out.
Remarkably agile with frequent twisting and turning. Hard to believe that such a large bird could make flying appear to be effortless
Seemed a bit of a waste to throw the remains of a fish supper in the bin. An opportunity to test the Kite’s ability as the famous scavenger recorded by Shakespeare in King Lear.
Red Kite soaring upwards after swooping down for a piece of chicken
Juvenile Red Kite enjoying the evening sunshine close to Watlington Hill
A juvenile Red Kite. This particular one being responsible for waking us up at 5am as it called out to be fed.
Hard to believe such a large bird could be so agile
Unmistakeable rufous tail that enables the Kite to constantly twist and turn so effortlessly
A quick reminder for next time to take advantage of the evening sunshine for the best results.
A fantastic end to a very enjoyable 4 days in the Chilterns
A very enjoyable break in the Chilterns. We’ll be back .


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