Return to Alners Gorse

Purple Hairstreak feeding on honeydew excreted by aphids on an Ash tree
Purple Hairstreak feeding on honeydew excreted by aphids on an Ash tree.

A few highlights from a visit to the Butterfly Conservation Society managed Alners Gorse in deepest Dorset. Although the weather was a bit mixed – a strong north-westerly breeze, plenty to see.

Purple Hairstreak nectaring on Bramble.
Purple Hairstreak nectaring on Bramble.
A brief glimpse of the purple upperwing. Spot the hairstreak?
Frustratingly the wings are rarely opened to reveal the purple upper wing found on the males. However, the “hairstreak” is fairly obvious
Painted Lady nectaring on a thistle
Painted Lady nectaring on one of the many thistles growing amongst the meadows.
White Admiral within one of the wooded glades Silver-washed Fritillary
One of several White Admirals found within the wooded glades. The Bramble proving popular again. Silver-washed Fritillary. Apparently Alners Gorse is the best site in the country for the rare bronze-green, valezina form. Unfortunately the only one I saw shot past at 30 mph.
Brown Hairstreak Gatekeeper again on Bramble
Just the 1 Brown Hairstreak to be found with this one proving to be camera shy. However the sheer number of Gatekeepers was incredible with clouds of them erupting from the hedgerows.

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