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Barn Owl quartering the meadow at Lunt

An unplanned visit to Lunt Meadows due to the closure of Holmeswood Road – the only road leading up to another LWT reserve at Meresands Wood. Great to see the Owls performing yet again. The sight of a Barn Owl quartering a meadow in late afternoon is always a memorable experience. Next time I’ll have to try and photograph one catching a vole.

Short-eared Owl

Still at least 3 Short-eared Owls giving the Barn Owls a run for their money. The competition for voles is probably the reason why the Barn Owls are out during daylight hours.

Short-eared Owl perched up in a tree at Lunt.

A bit of a distant shot but interesting to see a Short-eared Owl perched up in a tree – momentarily.

A lone Whooper Swan.

Surprised to find a lone Whooper Swan on one of the pools. No doubt the rest of the family were relatively close by.

Buzzard high above the River Alt

An ever watchful Buzzard keeping an eye out above the river bank.

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