Studland Bog

Another scorcher and a wander around Studland whilst the family were enjoying the beach.

The dry, sandy heathland combined with the scents of the various flowering plants and the sea  are strangely reminiscent of the Mediterranean. Further down the slope and a shallow valley open up to a number of Bog pools. Dominated by Sphagnum moss its one of the few remaining areas where all our native Sundews can be found.

Oblong-leaved Sundew.

Black bodied remains of various insects being digested can be seen stuck to the tips of the plants tentacles.

P1070858.jpg P1070735.jpg
 Dorset Heath  English Sundew
Two of our rarer plants the Dorset Heath although more common in southern Europe is largely restricted in this country to the Purbeck area of Dorset with Studland being a stronghold. The English Sundew or Great Sundew has a distinct preference for wet, calcium rich soils that are unfortunately an increasingly rare habitat.

In mid July probably the most widely seen Butterfly. Certainly plenty of them around Studland. Also a couple of Silver-washed Fritillaries feeding on thistles close to the car park.


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