Bringing It All Back Home

Holly Blue
Turning out to be a good year for the Holly Blue. This one appeared in the back garden feeding on Hemp Agrimony before flying off into the Ivy climbing up the garden fence. With plenty of mature Ivy in the neighbouring gardens hopefully the start of a small colony.
 Holly Blue feeding on Hemp Agrimony
Gradually spreading north from its traditional strongholds in southern England the Holly Blue is one of the winners in our gradually warming climate.

 Large-flowered Hemp-Nettle  Large-flowered Hemp-Nettle
Large-flowered Hemp-Nettle on Swinton Moss.  Increasingly rare – especially within Salford.
Male Banded Demoiselle
Male Banded Demoiselle on the bank of the River Mersey, close to Chorlton Water Park.
 Female Banded Demoiselle
Female Banded Demoiselle

Noticeable that with the Environment Agency no longer cutting back the vegetation there’s been a significant increase in the number of insects and voles along the riverbank. Now a daily occurrence to see the resident Kestrels hunting along the banks. Also plenty of Kingfishers and Grey Wagtails. With the approach of Autumn we’re back to pre-dawn dog walks. First siting on a Mink running along the riverbank for several months this morning.

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