The Fox and Hound

Ever felt you're being stalked ?
Following our previous encounter with some of Purbeck’s Foxes this time we were slightly better prepared. Although wary the Foxes seemed slightly less afraid especially this young male.
It's time for dinner.
That's close enough....
Normally when photographing wildlife the default focus point is the animals eye. Occasionally there may be a reason to focus elsewhere but its unusual. With this particular group of Foxes they never took their eyes off me. At times it was almost unnerving knowing that every single movement was being watched by at least 4 pairs of eyes.
With Jake’s sausages once again taking a hit it was interesting to note how much teeth baring was going on both towards me and each other. Certainly far more than I’ve ever experienced with any of our normal domesticated canines.
Red Fox patiently waiting for a tasty morsel...
I'm waiting.................
Once again interesting to note they were quite happy to sit down and wait for a tasty morsel.
Sika grazing in the evening sunshine
Plenty of Sika Deer enjoying the late evening sunshine.
Jake keeping any eye on the neighbours
Another keen observer taking an interest in the neighbours…

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