Sika at Arne

Storm clouds gathering just after dawn
Hmmm…..storm clouds gathering just after dawn. Not a good sign.
Silver Birch and Bracken at RSPB Arne
Silver Birch dominated woodland at the RSPB’s Arne Nature Reserve.
Sika hinds (female) and a calf amongst the heath.
A white Sika hind
A more unusual white Sika hind. Normally associated with domestication and inbreeding the white variation appears to be far less common in Sika than Fallow Deer. Unfortunately not the best camouflage for hiding away in the heather or nearby woodland.
Sika deer at Arne
Since escaping from Brownsea Island and wading across Poole harbour the Sika have become naturalised throughout the Purbeck area of Dorset. With no natural predators their numbers are controlled by selective culling.
Sika hind complete with summer coat
Great to see so many still in their summer coat.
More Sika
In winter the coat is normally dark grey with the distinctive spots either faint or non-existent.
One of thousands of Garden or Cross Spiders
Still thousands of Cross Spiders hanging around. Hard to appreciate just how many there are until their dew covered webs catch the early morning sunshine – a spectacular sight.


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