Goodbye Mr Fox

 Red Fox

Fox keeping a close eye out for a Border Collie

With our final evening down south to be spent watching Badgers we headed out at dusk to watch the Barn Owls, Deer and Foxes. On this occasion the foxes were waiting. Not only fearless but confident enough to sit down and wait. Those sausages must be good 🙂
Dead Man's fingers emerging from a woodland floor
Great to see the Dead Man’s fingers emerging from a woodland floor.
Marsh Gentian Marsh Gentian at Studland Bog
A fine display of Marsh Gentians appearing close to the corner of Studland Bog . Surprising how much later they are on the south coast. Closer to home they normally appear from the end of July onwards.
The Blusher
 The Blusher – a close relative of the Fly Agaric

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