Bring me Sunshine

Male Chaffinch
Hmmmm……. difficult to top a Pallid Harrier but few better places to be than the Trough of Bowland on a glorious day in Spring. Even the Chaffinches look superb in the bright sunshine and  unpolluted air.
A crystal clear brook high up in the United Utilities estate.
A few highlights from another walk alongside a crystal clear brook.
A Dipper close to the edge of a brook within Bowland.
 One of 5 Dippers seen on a relatively short stretch.
A Dipper about to take the plunge
Preparing to take the plunge.
A male Dipper with a caddis fly larvae
The result of a successful dip. A male Dipper with a caddis fly larvae on the way back to feed to feed a few hungry mouths.
Oystercatcher flying over the valley
With the adjacent fells and areas of blanket moss being important breeding areas for many waders good to see plenty of Oystercatchers, Curlews and Golden Plovers flying over.
Female Grey Wagtail
A female Grey Wagtail on the look out for insects
Male Grey Wagtail
A male Grey Wagtail, note the black bib .
Pied Wagtail foraging in the grass close to the edge of the brook.
Pied Wagtail on the moss and algae at the water's edge.
Also several Pied Wagtails seen enjoying the local insect life.
Swallow on a telegraph wire close to a hill farm in the Trough of Bowland
One of the many Swallows close to one of the hill farms.

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