Ouzels and Pipits

Ring Ouzel (male) along a gritstone edge close to Hathersage.
Ring Ouzel (male)

A few highlights from a wander along  the gritstone edges close to Hathersage.  Fortunately Derbyshire appears to be  a stronghold for this rapidly declining summer visitor. Over-wintering in southern Spain and North Africa, in common with many other migrants the males arrive first to establish a breeding territory. This is probably the best time to see them without causing any disturbance.

Male Ring Ouzel
Although Ring Ouzel’s have a reputation for being a shy bird they are naturally inquisitive. The most successful approach to photographing them appears to be sitting down quietly and waiting for the males to take an interest. Eventually their inquisitive nature will get the better of them and they’ll come over to check you out.
Ring Ouzel on a bolder about to be disturbed by a group of hikers
A particularly stunning male Ring Ouzel. Just as he was about to turn around a group of hikers appeared shattering the peace and quiet and he was gone……. Although I relocated him calling from high up on one of the crags I decided to enjoy the view through a pair of binoculars instead.
Meadow Pipt perched up on the heather moorland
One of many Meadow Pipits displaying over the moors.
Meadow Pipit take-off.
The more typical view of a Meadow Pipit as it takes off before climbing high and descending on its parachute display flight.


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