Adder’s tongue and Early Spiders

Adder's tongue fern at Durlston Country Park
Adder’s tongue fern growing amongst the downland at Durlston Country Park. Unusual amongst ferns in having just the 1 leaf blade that emerges between April and June Botfollowed by a spore stalk that is supposed to resemble an Adder’s tongue. On this occasion despite this part of the Dorset coast being amongst the country’s more reliable sites for Adders I decide to take the rather dubious resemblance at face value.
The rare Early Spider Orchid along the Dorset coast
Early Spider Orchid close to one of the former quarries again on the outskirts of Swanage at Durlston Country Park. Unfortunately despite being related to the relative widespread Bee Orchid the Early Spiders can only be found around the Purbeck coast and another coastal site in Kent. Slightly past their best however great to see.
Yellow Rattle helping to keep the more vigorous grasses in check.
Cowslips growing in one of the meadows at Durlston
Chalk Milkwort at Durlston Country Park
Chalk Milkwort growing on the sea-facing slopes above the Lighthouse.  No sign of the Early English Gentian this year but with spring being so dry we were probably a bit late.
 A dead Slow-worm probably discarded by a Jackdaw or gull
A dead Slow-worm along the top of the cliff. Probably dropped by a gull or Jackdaw.
Hound's-tongue Early Spider Orchid
Hound’s-tongue named after the leaf shape. One of several other Early Spider Orchids.

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