Cold comfort ?

Solier’s Red String Weed, Studland Bay Dorset

A sunny day with a cool breeze still blowing we woke up early and enjoyed a relaxing walk around Studland Beach before heading inland to look for Sand Lizards.

The warm, shallow waters of Studland Bay appear to support several non-native species with Solier’s Red String Weed being surprisingly common. Also plenty of the edible Sea Lettuce washed up along the beach. Although nutritious the Sea Lettuces have a tendency to accumulate heavy metals and with the port of Poole just around the corner perhaps better to give it a miss.

Nettle-leaved Bellflower, Kilwood Coppice, East Creech

Following a stroll along the beach we headed inland to East Creech and the area around Dorset Wildlife Trust’s Kilwood Nature Reserve. Although hoping to spot a few Sand Lizards on the adjacent heath with the cool breeze they stayed out of sight.

Always great to see one of the Purbeck area’s specialities –  Nettle-leaved Bellflower. Incredible that this particular stretch of roadside verge is probably the best place in the country for one of our rarer species.Also a couple of Southern Hawker’s caught out by the cool weather and waiting for the sun to appear. A surprise to see Devil’s Bit Scabious in flower and not a bee in sight.

Southern Hawker (male) East Creech Dorset

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