S’Albufereta – Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca

Purple Heron stalking the edge of a pool
Just before 6.30am and a Purple Heron appears on the edge of the pool.
Purple Heron with Eel
Moving slowly towards us with eyes fixed on its prey suddenly it strikes trapping a young Eel in its bill.
Purple Heron with Eel wrapped around its bill
The Eel wraps itself around the heron’s bill in a bid to escape.
Purple Heron ................... and onto the next Eel.
Reappearing from behind the rushes the Purple Heron minus Eel walks back into view.

What a great start to a couple of weeks in Mallorca. It’s not often we manage to find a hotel that backs onto a nature reserve however the location of the PortBlue Club Pollentia is superb. Surrounded by the S’Albufereta on the outskirts of  Puerto Pollensa the hotel even has its own bird hide!

Spotted Flycatcher on fence
Plenty of Spotted Flycatchers around. A shame they’re become so uncommon back home.
Spotted Flycatcher on fencepost
Happy to perch on any available post or in this case fenceline it’s surprising just how common they are in Mallorca. Almost every group of Cypress tree seems to have a resident Flycatcher.
Hoopoe probing the woodland floor
Just around the corner from the hotel a small area of woodland is home to at least 1 pair of Hoopoes. For such a large showy bird its amazing how shy they can be. Trying to photograph one in flight proved to be a bit too much of a challenge. In fact, sneaking up on one feeding on the woodland floor was difficult enough.

A link to an incredible video of Hoopoes……………..One day !

Scabious growing on the edge of the marsh.
Scabious growing on the edge of the marsh.
Painted Lady basking in the early morning sunshine.
A Painted Lady basking in the early morning sunshine.


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