I am just going outside and may be some time ……….

Wow, late February and storm Emma collides with the Beast from the East. As most of the country ground to a halt a few isolated flakes gently fluttered down on south Manchester.

Ignoring the red weather warning and the closure of the local primary school we decided to carry on in the finest tradition of the Royal Navy and Captain Scott. Confident of reaching our final destination an early start to acclimatise at Sale Ees seemed like a good idea before venturing down to the frozen wastelands of Fletcher Moss and Stenner Woods in nearby Didsbury.

Man’s best friend on the lookout for stray Polar Bears. Reassuring to know our back was covered.
Look at the size of that snowdrift even the fencepost is nearing collapse !
The next morning conditions had rapidly deteriorated. Down to our last half dozen cans of Pedigree Chum Jake had taken it upon himself to bring home the dinner.
Not even the bank voles were safe.

Fortunately by the 4th March the great thaw had set in and unlike Captain Scott we had survived. .

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