A few more from the S’Albufera

Continental form of the Swallowtail Butterfly nectaring on Scabious
Wow, by the time we finally returned to the visitor centre it was ridiculously hot and the lure of the hotel swimming pool had grown even stronger.

Plenty of Clouded Yellows and the occasional Swallowtail feeding on the Scabious. Continuing towards the Gran Canal apparently this particular channel is a hotspot for Little Bittern. Hmmm…perhaps not on at 12:30pm on a scorching day in early June.

Typical view along one of the smaller ditches
Broad-bodied Chaser
Certainly no shortage of Dragonflies with the easily recognisable Broad-bodied Chaser being particularly common.
Marbled Duck also known as Marbled Teal
Great to see several Marbled Ducks around the Gran Canal. Unfortunately due to habitat destruction and hunting this once common Mediterranean Duck is now restricted to a few sites in southern Spain, northwest Africa and Israel.
Greater Flamingo's at S'Albufera
A bit surprising to see a small flock of Greater Flamingo’s. Normally a winter visitor presumably these are immature, non-breeding birds that have decided to stay and take advantage of the brine shrimps.


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