Finca publica de Mortixt

Sun-bleached remains of a grape barrow at Mortixt.
Hmmm………sometimes things don’t quite go to plan however an opportunity to head off into the spectacular Serra de Tramuntara was too good to miss.

Heading out of Pollenca towards Lluc being careful to dodge the cyclists and occasional snake we arrived at the Mortixt estate surprisingly quickly.  Parking up in the layby by the Vineyard the walk down and into the valley was relatively straightforward.

Ewe and lamb looking for a cool, shady spot at Mortixt
Hard not to feel sorry for the local sheep as they wandered around looking for a shady spot.
Bonelli's Eagle leaflet
With the possibility of seeing Bonelli’s Eagle and Black Vultures the entrance to the Finca was easy enough to find. For more information see
Entrance to Mortixt public estate
Note: the 3m high stile. Perhaps during the week the gates are opened.
Initially scanning the ridges for raptors proved unsuccessful however we did manage to see a pale Eagle high above the mountains being mobbed. On this occasion I’m fairly sure it was a pale phase Booted Eagle instead of the larger Bonelli’s.
Ancient Olive Grove at Mortixt public estate
An ancient Olive Grove.
More Olives
Fan Palms and Olives at Mortixt
After a couple of hours a Black Vulture came into view and drifted down the valley before rising above the ridge and disappearing out of sight.  Unfortunately it was still too far away to photograph however great to see. We thought about waiting around to see if it’d reappear however on this occasion it was just too hot. Without a breath of wind the heat radiating back from the sides of the valley was phenomenal. Maybe sheep aren’t so daft after all.

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