The Wye Valley

The River Wye – quite possibly the cleanest and most picturesque river in England.

Biblin Bridge – built by the Forestry Commission.

I’ve never been convinced that rope bridges are a good idea. Even less so when they cross wide, fast-flowing rivers and happen to bounce as you walk over them.

A dog’s eye view (note the tips of Meghan’s ears)

Discovered this cheeky chappy at the base of the bridge. Painted on the back a Facebook reference to fod rocks.

Further up stream the village of Symonds Yat.

Symonds Yat West.

View downstream from high above the valley at Yat rock

And looking upstream through the gorge with the well-known Peregrine site to the right, high on the limestone cliffs.

Really fortunate to enjoy a superb close-up view of the female Peregrine flying over the viewpoint. Also a Goshawk, Buzzards and a pair of Ravens. Strange to think that a similar view has been enjoyed for the past 12,000 years with Archaeologists recently discovering early hand tools, bones from hyenas, sabre-toothed cats and a mammoth from the nearby hill-fort.


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