A quick look back to one of those warm, sunny days that occasionally happen during late September. With the sun shining and a day off work we headed over to the Yorkshire Dales and the village of Malham.

Strange to think that at the end of the last Ice Age at 260ft high Malham Cove was the highest waterfall in England. A feat last repeated following torrential rainfall in December 2015.

Amazing how quickly the past year has flown by. Doesn’t seem 12 months ago since we picked up a little mischievous blob of fur aged 10 weeks.

Halfway up the steps leading to the limestone pavement above Malham Cove. Four legs is definitely an advantage 🙂

Twisted and gnarled Hawthorn growing out of the limestone pavement above Gordale Scar. Always difficult to age trees growing in such extreme environments however this one is likely to be several hundred years old.

Following a walk over the limestone pavement we took the tourist trail down to Gordale Scar. Note the steepness of the scree to the left.

A sketch and watercolour from an earlier visitor – Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775–1851 Gordale Scar c.1808

Great to see the view has remained largely unchanged over the last 200 years..

Whilst the idea had been to scramble up the waterfall and head up towards Malham Tarn it soon became clear it wasn’t the most dog friendly route. After briefly considering popping Meghan in a rucksack we decided a scramble up the scree was a better option.

Twenty minutes later and 300ft higher I was having 2nd thoughts. Meghan meanwhile had been sitting at the top for the best part of quarter of an hour.

Malham Tarn.

In all honesty a little bit underwhelming – the other side and the adjacent moss is far more interesting.


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