Stay Alert !

High up above the grouse moors and the first opportunity to enjoy some unlimited exercise since the country went into “lockdown.”

After parking a slow, but steady walk led uphill past the conifer plantations, over the grouse moors, past the wet flushes and bogs with just the sound of Meadow Pipits, Curlews and the occasional outburst from a Cuckoo filling the air.

Meadow Pipit with a good reason to be alert..

A male Ring Ouzel calling from high above a rocky outcrop.

Somewhat astonishingly as I moved closer to enjoy a better view the Ring Ouzel flew down and disappeared behind a couple of nearby boulders only to re-appear a few minutes later with a bill full of grubs.

Tasty looking morsels?

Keen not to disturb the Ouzel I slowly backed away and watched half-hidden from behind another boulder.

Almost immediately the female Ring Ouzel appeared from deep within the grass and hopped onto a more distant group of rocks.

With yet another bill full of grubs time to depart. Although neither bird seemed concerned about my presence with both birds foraging in the grass and heather presumably there was a nest fairly close by.

Spotted Flycatcher – an unexpected find on the edge of a plantation close to the car park.


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