Middlebere Farm

Sika Deer, Middlebere Farm

Sika Deer grazing the marsh close to Middlebere Farm. Really encouraging to see a relatively large herd. Over the years the numbers of deer appear to have declined in response to over zealous control measures. Fortunately the National Trust appear to be taking a more relaxed approach.

Sika hinds grazing the marsh close to Middlebere Farm

Interesting to note that even in mid August the deer are beginning to lose their summer coat.

Fox waiting for a friendly face.

Plenty of foxes to be seen with several well fed individuals watching from the adjacent fields.

Sunset over Middlebere.

With the hot, dry weather continuing an impressive, sub-tropical sunset seemed quite appropriate.

The last rays of a fading sun.

Plenty of Nightjars hunting over the heath including a superb view of one picked out by the car headlights perched up on a roadside post.

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