Studland Heath

Grayling Butterfly (male), Studland Heath Dorset

One of the classic Butterflies to be found amongst the dry heath and sand dunes of the Studland peninsula. Sadly declining in many areas their cryptic colouring allows the Grayling to bask in the more open areas.

Grayling (female), Studland Heath

Hidden amongst the heath we were also fortunate to find a few female Graylings. To be honest they’d have probably remained hidden if we hadn’t been keeping an eye out for Sand Lizards. With the females having no need to fly around and defend a territory they’re superbly camouflaged. In contrast to the males the underwing of the females lacks the distinctive white band.

Marsh Gentian, Studland Heath

Great to see the small colony of Marsh Gentians continuing to thrive at the edge of the bog. Also all 3 species of our native Sundews however with a distinct lack of water these were looking a little bit worse for wear. Quite surprising that the Round-leaved Sundew appears to be relatively drought tolerant. With the number of midges and other biting insects swarming across the bog perhaps its not just the nutrients that are absorbed from the bodies of the insect.

Marsh Gentian, Studland

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