Gait Barrows

Bird’s Eye Primula , Gait Barrows

A few highlights from a late Spring visit to Gait Barrows.

Bird’s Eye Primula in the damp meadow at Gait Barrows, Silverdale.

Dependent upon the damp, lime rich soil within the UK Primula farinosa is restricted to the limestone regions of Lancashire, Yorkshire and parts of Cumbria.

Surprising to see the extent of the “improvements” Natural England have made with boardwalks replaced, trees felled and scrub cleared from the limestone pavements. Although personally I quite liked the rustic charm of the old boardwalks the benefits of the work are clear to see. The number of Primula’s has definitely increased, likewise in time hopefully the number of Duke of Burgundy and High Brown Fritillaries.

Plenty of interest elsewhere.

Interesting to see the old Lime Kiln restored. Surrounded by large areas of what would have been coppiced woodland it does help to increase the interest and highlight the importance of a working woodland.

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