Highfield Moss

Sunshine and showers
Another day of sunshine and torrential downpours. Spear Thistles growing at the edge of one of the fields of Barley between “The Travellers Rest” and Highfield Moss.
Meadow Grasshopper
Young Meadow Grasshopper on Purple Moor Grass
Marsh Gentian
Marsh Gentian protesting about the lack of sunshine.



Liverpool-Manchester Railway
The Liverpool – Manchester railway bisecting Highfield Moss. Hard to imagine that Stevenson’s Rocket travelled up and down here back in the 1830’s launching the era of the Steam Railways.
Highfield Moss
One of the 2 remaining pools of open water on Highfield Moss. In the foreground hopefully the carpet of Sphagnum Moss and Round-leaved Sundews can just about be made out.
Sphagnum recurvum
One of the 150+ species of Sphagnum Moss. Probably Sphagnum recurvum
Round-leaved Sundew
Round-leaved Sundew the most widespread of the 3 Sundews found in the UK
Cross leaved Heath
Cross leaved Heath
Field Pansy
Field Pansy

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