A few highlights from a quick visit to the Lancashire Wildlife Trusts Meresands Wood reserve. Always well worth a visit despite attracting a lot of dog walkers. In addition to birds also very good for mammals with most of the more common bats, Foxes, Stoats and even Red Squirrels seen.

 Dabchick at Meresands Wood 
Dabchick or if you prefer a Little Grebe.
Great to see them doing really well at Meresands. More locally their numbers have decreased over the past few years likewise Moorhens and Coots. Possibly connected with the arrival of Mink.
Dabchick swimming amongst the weeds Dabchick
Great Crested Grebe at Meresands Wood 
A Great Crested Grebe in its full breeding plumage. Unfortunately it wouldn’t really come in close enough for a decent photo. Amazing bright red eyes.
Pair of Great Crested Grebes
Good to see a pair of Great Crested Grebes. In previous years they’ve successfully bred at Meresands. Hopefully they will again this year despite the growing population of Cormorants that must be having an effect on the fish supply. Also a couple of Kingfishers around however they were being machine gunned by an idiot with a 500mm lens and an ultra high speed shutter.

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