Nuthatches, Rats & Rails

Wood Nuthatch at Burton Mere

Highlights from an unexpected trip to the RSPB Burton Mere Reserve on the Dee estuary. Initially we were planning on collecting a new tent from Go Outdoors in Chester but after being let down by their reserve and collect system we decided to have a look at Burton Mere.

Nuthatch at Burton Mere

Created last year through the merger of Inner Marsh Farm and a former fishery we were pleasantly surprised. An excellent range of habitats with woodland, freshwater mere’s, saltmarsh (including scrapes) and views out over neighbouring farmland.

Wood Nuthatch – one of at least 5 in the mature woodland.
Water Rail at Burton Mere

Water Rail from the entrance hide.

Normally the average bird hide is so noisy we wouldn’t have had a chance of enjoying such a good view however the plate glass window really cuts down the noise leading to many of the birds being less wary than usual.

Unfortunately the drawback is the chance of being able to photograph the Golden Plovers, Spotted Redshanks or a female Merlin out on the saltmarsh are nil.

Water Rail
Rattus norvegicus - the Brown Rat

Rattus norvegicus.

A good example of what happens to your average rat if fed a diet of high protein boilies. I’d always put the lack of successfully breeding Avocets at Inner Marsh Farm down to the Foxes. Having seen the sheer number of Rats at Burton Mere I think there may be a more likely suspect.

Male Bullfinch

Bullfinch – surprisingly just the 1 male bird.

Also all the usual wildfowl, common waders and Great Spotted Woodpeckers. Great views of at least 30 Siskins and a similar number of Goldfinch feeding in the Alders and dropping down to the feeders for Nyjer seed and sunflower hearts.

And finally a new tent from Camperlands in Northendon.

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